After drumming for the past 20 years in NYC, Marcus is excited to be back in Frankfurt. As a 16 year old, Marcus started drumming in Frankfurt with cover bands and singer-songwriters, backed up by the occasional shift as a cab driver.

Up from 1998, Marcus was active in NYC’s thriving East Village singer songwriter scene and hip hop scene, playing with bands and artists such as Blue Man Group, Chubby Checker (“The Twist”), and Steve Borgovini (Fun Lovin’ Criminals).

Instead of driving cabs, Marcus was busy replacing drum machines on Hip Hop and R&B tracks, drumming on commercials for General Motors or Anheuser Busch, and taking private drum lessons from Bernard “Pretty” Purdie and Aaron Comess.

In 2017, “sought for questionning” by US Federal Marshalls, Marcus needed to leave the US quickly and relocated to Frankfurt, where he is keen to play in the widest possible range of styles.

Foto: bbb-photos.de