Drum Recording

Remote Drum Recording Services

If you’re a band, songwriter or producer in need of studio-quality acoustic drum tracks to elevate your music to a professional standard without breaking the bank, then remote drum recording is the way to go.

Just send your song via email with or without drums, and I’ll create your custom drum tracks and have the stems in WAV format back to you. You will have the option to ask for changes at any time in the process until you absolutely love the drumtracks.

I will offer you different takes with different grooves, ideas and feels, or add a track with a shaker or tambourine that you would be able to splice into the session if needed, just to have options.

You can hire me regardless of where in the world you are and you are certainly welcome to be present at the session(s) if you happen to live around Frankfurt or if you want to drop in anyway.

Alternatively, additional bass tracks can be added by a bassist, e.g. Reiner Backe (reiner-backe.de).

Please get in touch anytime to discuss your ideas, projects or drumming needs or for a quote.


  • Steinberg Cubase
  • Focusrite Scarlett 12i20 3rd Gen feat. 8 mic inputs
  • Microphones: AKD D112, Shure SM 57, Sennheiser E604 x 3, MBHO 440 x 2, MBHO 603